Chamber of Deputies
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Political parties in the Chamber of Deputies

    FDSN Democratic National Salvation Front
    FSN National Salvation Front
    PNL National Liberal Party
    UDMR The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania
  A.U.R.-P.U.N.R. din Transilvania si Partidul Republican   AUR Alliance for Romanians Union
  PR Republican Party
  PUNR Romanian National Unity Party
    MER Romanian Ecological Movement
    PNTCD National Peasant-Christian and Democratic Party
    PDAR Democratic Agrarian Party of Romania
    PER Romanian Ecologist Party
    PSDR Romanian Socialist Democratic Party
    GDC Democratic Group of the Centre
    PSDR Romanian Social Democratic Party
    PDM Democratic Party of Labour
    PLS Party of Free Change
    PRNR Party of National Reconstruction of Romania
    PTLDR Party of Young Free Democrats of Romania
    ULB Liberal Union "Brãtianu"
  National minorities organizations   CLR Community of Lipovans in Romania
  FDGR Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania
  UAR Armenians Union of Romania
  UBB-ACBB Union of Bulgarians in Banat - Bulgarian Association in Bucharest
  UDRR Democratic Union of Rromas in Romania
  UDSCR Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania
  UDSR Democratic Union of Serbs in Romania
  UDTR Turkish Democratic Union of Romania
  UDTTMR Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tartars in Romania
  UER Hellenic Union of Romania
  UPR Union of Poles in Romania
  UUR Union of Ukrainians in Romania

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