Sebastian RĂDUCANU
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2020-present

Constituency no.37 TIMIS

Political party:
PSD-Social Democratic Party

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the Social Democrat Party 

Standing committees - joint
The Parliamentary Committee for the control of the implementation of the Law no.42/1990 for honouring the martyr heroes and granting rights to their successors, to the persons wounded in, and to the fighters for the victory of the Revolution of December 1990 (since may 2022) - Vice-Chairperson

Special committees - joint

Parliamentary delegations:
Joint Specialized Parliamentary Control Group of Europol - until may 2022 deputy

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Grupul parlamentar de prietenie cu Regatul Cambodgiei  Vice-Chairperson
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Korea 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Lebanese Republic 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Italian Republic