Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 7 August 1953

Professional activities

Profession: economist

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of Economic Cybernetics and Statistics;
post-graduate studies for system analysts

Political activity

vice-president of the PSD ;
head of the department for relations with the political parties, trade unions, employers' associations, and the civil society;
president of the Bacau County PSD Organisation

Parliamentary activity

leader of the Parliamentary Group of the PSD (social-democratic and humanistic) in the Chamber of Deputies;
vice-president of the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies;
since November 2002, president of the Committee for European Integration;
initiator of the legislative proposals for: amending and completing the Government Ordinance no. 96/1998, republished based on article IV of the Law no. 141/1999 on regulating the forest status and the administration of the national forest resources; amending and completing the Law no. 94/1992 on the organisation and operation of the Court of Audit of Romania; the Law on the Agricultural Credit; amending and completing the Law on housing no. 114/1996; some steps concerning the anti-Nazi movement in Romania; collective saving and crediting for the field of housing; amending the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 15812001 on the status of excises

Awards, decorations

"Faithful Service" National Award, rank of Chevalier