Parties politiques - Chambre des Deputes

Uniunea Nationala PSD+PUR PSD Parti Social Démocrate
PC Parti Conservateur
On 7th of may 2005, The Humanist Party of Romania (social-liberal) changed to Conservator Party
PUR-SL Parti Humaniste de Roumanie
Alianta Dreptate si Adevar PNL-PD PDL Parti Démocrate Libéral
On 4th of feb 2008, The Democratic Party changed to Democrat-Liberal Party
PNL Parti Libéral National
PD Parti Démocrate
  PRM Parti de la Grande Roumanie
  UDMR l'Union Démocratique des Hongrois de Roumanie
    Indep. Independents
  Organismes nationaux de minorités ALAR Association League of Albanians in Romania
AMR Association of Macedonians in Romania
CRLR Community of Lipovan Russians in Romania
FCER Jew's Communities Federation in Romania
FDGR Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania
PRSDR Social Democratic Rromas' Party in Romania
RO.AS.IT. Association of Italians in Romania - RO.AS.IT
UAR Armenians Union of Romania
UBBR Union of Bulgarians in Banat - Romania
UCR Union of Croatians in Romania
UCRR Cultural Union of Rutens in Romania
UDSCR Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania
UDTR Turkish Democratic Union of Romania
UDTTMR Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tartars in Romania
UER Hellenic Union of Romania
UPR Union of Poles in Romania
USR Union of Serbs in Romania
UUR Union of Ukrainians in Romania